I’ve Been Learning, Have You?

My primary website is a MESS! It was nice when it started out. But then I had more things. And web standards changed. And I learned some more stuff. What was good then is now an embarrassment. And like the shoeless cobbler’s kids, my websites are the last to get attention. Clients have to come first.

So today, I’m looking at the positive side of it.

People are hiring me anyway – so at least my client work is speaking well of me.

The fact that I see that it is an embarrassment means I’m learning. Learning is good.

The fact that I’ve outgrown it means our business is expanding. Growth is good.

The fact that web standards are changing means (usually) progress on the web.

Of course, the negative side is always there, haunting me. Which means that one of these days I’m going to have to put aside my other pressing projects and put some time into a redesign of the template. Luckily, the site is built so the template can be revised without having to redo the entire site… one of the positive aspects of the progress of the web!

Look around. What have you learned that has made something you did before obsolete? What have you outgrown that needs a change? Are you nagging yourself to get the change done without acknowledging the growth that necessitates the change?

2 Responses to I’ve Been Learning, Have You?

  • KJEN says:

    Hello again, I wonder if you remember me. We we briefly communicating back in February of this year (http://frumpyhausfrau.com/2008/02/business/how-many-plates-can-you-spin-at-one-time). The last year has been full of trials and tribulations, but your words left a mark on my brain. Things are looking a little better now and I finally have a little time to consider my purpose in the business world. I never took the opportunity to thank you for your willingness to spend some time talking with me, even though I did not utilize the opportunity. Perhaps sometime it will actually happen. Anyhow, thank you for your words…they ring very true and help me see different perspectives. Please keep writing, I’ll be reading.

  • KJEN says:

    *We were briefly communicating*

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