AWOL, With Good Cause

Ok, so I haven’t been blogging much lately. And I haven’t been doing much on FaceBook. And I haven’t been posting much on Ryze. Our newsletter has been late once, and completely missed once. A few friends with whom I regularly converse even emailed to ask if I was ok!

I’m just BUSY! Too busy to do anything more than just gasp for breath now and again, and to write a little when I need a break.

We have a major project just going live, one that we have to announce sometime in December, one more rolling out before the first of the year, and the project to end all projects that we are building around the other ones. We have decided to franchise.

That has been a long time coming. I’ve sort of known it was where I needed to go, but I had no idea how to make it work with our unique business structure, and the broad marketing region that we serve. I’ve finally figured out the details – well… not so much figured them out, as realized that all the other bits and pieces of events in our business over the last six months have sort of solved most of the execution problems for me! Suddenly I looked at it in a new way and KNEW how all of the bits needed to come together into one big comprehensive whole.

Pretty awesome. But a big thing. The great thing is, that in all the other things we are doing, if we just polish them off, we’ll have all but a few of the parts we need for the franchise. It takes the Trade Association, the Training Courses, the Kit Websites, and all of those things and pulls it together. It helps us to solve some of our long term staffing problems while also achieving our goal of spreading our skills to other small webmasters.

It is still daunting. Because the number of things which we have to do hasn’t decreased. There still seems like more than I can ever do. But it is also something that can be rolled out in stages. And so we will.

There’s a lesson in it too. You don’t have to know all the details about how to get somewhere. You do have to know how to get to the next bend in the road, and then you have to be willing to survey the landscape there, choose the next route based on the best opportunities, and let your vision expand as you go.

I’ve had an idea of some large goals to begin with. I didn’t know quite how we’d do them all – I still do not. But every few months, new possibilities unfold, and I go back and measure them up against my dreams. If they fit, we seize them and magnify them. If they don’t, we ignore them and keep going until the right ones do present themselves.

Just because you can’t see it all right now, doesn’t mean you can’t do it!

One Response to AWOL, With Good Cause

  • Anne Keefe says:

    Laura, you and Kevin make a great team and I, for one, am grateful for all the hard work you did on my new website. Congratulations on the prospect of franchising.

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