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Sizzix – I Gave It Away And Then I Learned

As a die cutter, this thing sucks. I mean, the dies DO NOT CUT anything. They PRESS an indentation into things, but the dies don’t even have sharp edges!

So I tried to sell it. Nobody wants it. I set it out to give it away. Nobody wants it. DI, here it comes.

Then I learn it does other things.

It can be used as a print press. Watercolor prints, transferred ink prints, and other types of prints that you dampen and then press into another piece of paper.

Not really my crafty thing. But hey, who knew?

It can be used as a flower press. You know those prints they make from fresh flowers? Lay then down, push them into the paper, and you get a print from the colors of the flower. This thing works for that.

Again, not really my thing, but I really just had to write about it in case you are one of those people who bought a Sizzix or some other kind of die cutter that doesn’t actually CUT anything.

Press it does. Cut it does not!

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