The Power in a Nametag

If you are going to network offline, the first thing you need to do is get a nametag. But not just ANY nametag!

It has to be special. It should be as unique as your business, and it should give the same kind of feel that your business gives.

We began networking through a Chamber about a year ago. We went to the first few and slapped those sticky nametags on. Then we thought it would be neat to have nice nametags, so we talked to a friend who does engraving. He showed us a range of options, metal, plastic, wood. We chose red alder wood. Lovely, distinctive, and attention getting in a warm and homey way. A good match for our business name.

The cost? $10 each. Pricey for a nametag, but priceless in what it got us.

We get comments on those nametags all the time, but more importantly, people actually read them. The nametag catches their eye – when we don’t know how to mingle well in a group, people will ask us about those nametags – they become an ice breaker.

Because they have our name and business name on them, people remember us better. Since our names are right there, people do not feel pressured to remember us from one time to the next, they’ll just look at our nametags if they forgot and save some embarrassment.

They have been the absolute best investment we’ve made to facilitate local networking. We now wear them every time we make an appearance in a professional capacity. It looks professional, and helps make us memorable.

I put mine on before I leave the house, and do not take it off until I come home. I often have to sidetrack to the grocery store after a meeting, and have been approached in the grocery store by people asking what I do.

Our suggestions for getting a good name tag?

1. Choose the right material. Select something that echoes the feel of your business, and that is distinctive. An unusual nametag often has more power than a common type. It is such a small expense that even the expensive ones are still affordable and you only need one!

2. Put your name on one line. Put your business name on another. If you need your URL on it, put that on. DO NOT put anything else! There is not room, and it is too hard to read! Just keep it simple, and keep the things that people can remember easily on it. It is not a business card – they are reading it on your chest, so keep it SIMPLE!

3. Get a magnet backed one. They won’t fall off, and they don’t damage clothes. They are easy to move around once they are on also, to get them straight. The magnet is strong enough that you can take it off, put the clip back over the magnet back, and then stick it to your filing cabinet. The magnet will adhere to the filing cabinet through the clip! Nice storage spot!

Our nametags have been so effective that we now order one for each employee. Truly one of the best things we ever did.

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