Sunday Musings

If you are not a spiritual person, pass this post by, because Sundays are my day to focus on the Lord.

I believe in some spiritual principals where business is concerned. I’ve seen them actually work to increase our income, and to better our life in other ways. One of those is keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, which means avoiding business on Sunday.

  • If I check business email on Sundays, my business provably does worse the following week than if I do not.
  • If I think about business on Sundays, or do planning, business sinks rather than soaring.
  • If I get Sundays right, the whole rest of the week is more successful.

I’ve proven this in dollars and cents. But that isn’t the only reason I try to avoid business on Sunday. I also do many other thinks to keep the Sabbath:

  • We go to church. That is just what we do on Sundays.
  • We spend time together as a family – often just talking, sometimes baking cookies or pizza (whole grain, of course!).
  • We try to find ways to help other people.
  • We restrict TV or movie viewing to “Sunday appropriate” viewing. We have a special shelf of videos that are just for Sundays, which include scripture and talk videos, but also some religious based stories.
  • We don’t garden (except watering which has to be done), we avoid complex cooking or housecleaning (except what must be done), and we may take a walk together but we don’t go “play” on Sundays, nor work outside.
  • The only business related work we do is emergency – if a site is down, or something disastrous happened, we take care of it, otherwise not. Our clients are told that if they email us on Sunday, we’ll not answer until Monday unless they put “Urgent” or “Emergency” in the subject of the email. If someone calls on Sunday, we are polite about it, and take the call, answer their questions, and then get back to them on Monday if it works for their schedule.

To me, this is one of the great “Success Tools” that the Lord blesses us with though. We just trust Him for the day, and let the rest go, and things work out better for the other six days. It is an absolutely usable tool – I do this, He does that, so if I want that, I do this.

I often spend a lot of time on Sunday trying to control my thoughts though, saying quick prayers, when an idea comes into my head, “Help me remember this later!” I always do!

I’m actually writing this on Friday, because I don’t want the distraction on Sunday, but at the same time, I want to make sure my post doesn’t distract anyone else who is trying, either.

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