The Gradual Drop Out of “Friends” on FaceBook

I’ve noticed a few drop outs. Is it because I am Conservative? Overweight? LDS? Or perhaps just that I tend to be a bit outspoken on the topic of internet marketing, and a bit of a radical in that arena? Given the volume of hit and run marketers on FaceBook, I’m willing to bet the latter as the most likely cause!

That will happen though. And it should happen if you are conducting business well. High integrity makes good friends. Longlasting ones. But it also makes enemies, even if you are not setting out to offend or annoy.

It should be noted, I’ve never spammed anyone on FaceBook, the only Pms I’ve sent have been offers of help without pay, and I do not send invites or any other annoyance. I don’t leave a signature line on anyone’s Wall, even. I just try to build relationships. So it isn’t that – at least I know I didn’t TRY to annoy anyone!

If this rambling commentary has a point, it is merely that on a venue like FaceBook, where you cannot tell anything about people until after you’ve made the connection, drop outs are inevitable. And they don’t mean anything more than the connection meant in the first place – that is, next to nothing!

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