Putting Together a Grant Program

Over the last few years we’ve periodically donated services where we felt there was both a need, and the motivation on the part of the recipient to make something of it. I’m not big on handouts in the business world where the person will just take it and expect you to do the rest for them as well.

Recently I made an arrangement with a new acquaintance. I’d spoke with her enough, and seen enough about how she was pursuing her business, to know that she was a good candidate to make an offer to. It is a good arrangement, I get something, she gets something. It brought to my attention the fact that I do have the time to do that kind of thing on a regular basis.

I believe in giving back, and in helping people get a hand up. It has been part of our long term plans to give where we can, as our situation improves. I’m not sure how much it has improved, but I feel the time is right for us to start a grant program. Details are not yet released, the site is under construction, and the great unveiling will take place sometime before September 1.

It is no small undertaking, the commitment is huge. But it is something I feel we need to do. I’m looking forward to getting that off the ground, it carries with it a sense of excitement sort of like Christmas when you’ve got a surprise for someone else.

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