Blatant Abuse on Merchant Circle

I hear people tell me what a great networking arena Merchant Circle is. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m just not seeing it. I’m seeing a lot of pseudo-networking going on, with people gaming the system, but I’m not seeing any real opportunities to connect in a meaningful way.

Here is what people are doing:

Merchant Circle allows people to review other businesses, to give a comment on services or products received. The purpose is stated as giving people a way to get good info on other businesses, from customers.

Only members are using it in a way that can only be called unethical. They get in and review each other – when they’ve not so much as even TALKED to another person. “This business is great.” from someone I’ve never heard of. I’ve had two reviews. I don’t reciprocate those, though they obviously expect me to do so. I will not perjure my integrity to get a comment which isn’t worth the time it took to type.

It is all false, and dishonest. That isn’t what the system was set up for. If it were my website, I’d penalize anyone who reviewed a business falsely. Otherwise, the entire system is just a hollow pretense.

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