Three Way Call Solves It

She had a problem. Her site wasn’t working. She called her hosting company, and after long discussions, they concluded that the problem was with the domain registrar. She called the domain registrar. They talked with her and said the problem must lie with the hosting company. She asked the tech to hold for a moment, and put in a three way call to include the hosting company rep. Then she said, “There… you two work it out.”

What I love about this is that you do sometimes get caught in the middle of things, and sometimes we either lack the skill, or the ingenuity to devise a solution. This solution solved it – directly.

Being caught in the middle, when you are the one with the problem, is very frustrating. Sometimes you feel like nobody really cares whether your problem is solved or not, that they just want to get you to go away so they can mark it done.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve explained a problem to tech support, just to have them send back a pat solution which I already tried (and SAID I tried in the initial email), only to have to turn around and tell them again that this was not what I needed. That is such a regular occurrence that I think tech support people fail to read anything if they can help it.

But getting caught in one of those situations where it isn’t working, and they deny that there is any problem is the worst. Especially when you aren’t sure which company the problem is originating with.

Sometimes, you just have to get tough with them.

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