There Are No Fireflies in Wyoming

In the book, the family crossed Wyoming, and stopped to camp one night and caught fireflies. The author could not have known… It was obvious she had never been here, or if she had, she had not noticed that one thing. Because Wyoming has no fireflies. Plenty of mosquitoes… none of which have lights on the end. Of course, if you grew up where fireflies were a common thing, you might never realize that someplace else did not have them!

It is details like that which only those who DO know will notice. But when they do, you lose all credibility!

This is pretty important if you write for a living. But I think there is a broader application also. We often make assumptions based on our own background and experience, and never realize that they may not be accurate for other situations.

We may make assumptions that are incorrect in client negotiations, in assessing an unfamiliar target market, or in networking situations. They can be embarrassing, or even disastrous for our business.

Sometimes we make those assumptions about our own skills or expertise, due to lack of experience, and end up muffing the job. That is REALLY embarrassing.

The most important thing that experience teaches us in this regard, is to not assume things, to research more carefully, so we don’t try to catch fireflies in Wyoming.

2 Responses to There Are No Fireflies in Wyoming

  • Loved your insight!! For once someone got everything correct!! Would you mind if I put a blogroll link back to your post? 🙂

  • ken jones says:

    Actually, much to my amazement, there are fireflies in wyoming. Our family was camping near douglas and we all was them on july 3, 2010. As a wyoming native who has never seen them north of the mason-dixon I was blown away. Cheers.

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