MicroBusiness Success Strategies

Tiny startups often use frugal tactics to be able to afford to get off the ground. Many of those tactics though, have a nasty backlash – they make you look unprofessional.

Good MicroBusiness Success Strategies are things that save you money, but which either have no backlash, or which have a disadvantage turned into an advantage.

Here is an example:

Many frugal businesses reuse boxes because it saves them money over having to buy packing boxes. Sure, many people can use USPS Priority Mail boxes of one kind or another, but they just don’t work for everyone. So they reuse boxes – and not all boxes do well being reused. Some just look tacky.

Create a label. Put your logo on it, and over that, put “This Box Proudly Recycled By”. You just turned a disadvantage into an advantage. Same tacky looking box, but now, it makes you look responsible and successful instead of making you look too cheap to afford a good box.

This is a perfect example of a good MicroBusiness Success Strategy. Another is posting a message on your site “We use PayPal to keep our prices low, and to protect your sensitive financial information.”

Don’t have a lot of customers? Then you are a “friendly business who knows their customers by name”.

How can you turn YOUR frugal tactics into MicroBusiness Success Strategies?

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