And it Grows Again

I love having him home full time. It really is cool. We are learning to work together in ways we have not before, and our business is showing potentials that it did not have previously.

But to realize those potentials, I’ll have to eventually sacrifice having my husband around as much. I can structure our business to a certain extent to allow for it, but not completely – at least, not without limiting things too much.

Balance has a different meaning. Balancing different things than I had ever considered having to balance. It is funny, I always thought I’d like to have Kevin home, but had never really seriously considered it. I mean, it was such an impracticality and such an impossibility. Now that it is a reality though, I am selfish about it. I like it. I want it to continue.

But to realize awesome potentials, we have to decide what is truly important. And it isn’t always a matter of black and white. Sometimes it is more a matter of finding out how to adapt things so that you can find creative options for hanging onto the best parts of one thing while achieving an acceptable level of something else.

I am speaking in obscurities, but when our next venture launches, it will make more sense.

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