Joomla Earns for Me, WordPress Doesn’t

Some of my friends are able to make money from WordPress sites. I have found that it is much harder to make money from WordPress sites than from Joomla or other dynamic systems. Oh, I don’t mean as a website owner, I mean as a website developer.

WordPress has more of a reputation for being “easy”, and for being “cheap”. So most people who come to us wanting WordPress solutions, expect to pay about half what they do for Joomla site services.

If WordPress really WERE easier to set up than Joomla, that would be ok. But it isn’t. It takes as much time to set up a simple site in WordPress as it does to set up a simple site in Joomla. Editing templates and controlling template display is actually harder in WordPress than it is in Joomla, and since Joomla does more out of the box than WordPress, I spend more time installing things on WordPress than I do on Joomla, and find that many things that clients want simply are not possible in WP.

We have automated some of our installation and configuration processes. This means we can now install a pre-configured Joomla install, along with the standard extensions, instantly, when the customer purchases. We are also automating updating processes for our systems – we are finding this a bit easier to do with Joomla than with WordPress, because Joomla generally has better separation between core code and the extensions.

WordPress also stores the site URL in the database. This means moving the site, or building it under a temp domain and then activating it under the final domain, is one step harder than it is with Joomla.

Overall, in the final analysis, I can simply earn far more with Joomla. We have timed both WordPress sites and Joomla sites, and find we spend almost EXACTLY the same amount of time on the sites, no matter which system they are built in. Creating custom templates takes exactly the same amount of time in either one, using the tools we use. But we can earn much more from the Joomla site – often two or three times as much. Our hourly profit on WP sites drops to such a low level, that it would be very difficult to sustain a growth business on what we’d earn from them.

We do intend to offer WP options, but they will be simply pre-configured options, with a custom template, and DIY options other than that. Doing that will provide an acceptable profit margin if we can generate sufficient volumes of installs. But other than that, we find that offering custom solutions in WordPress has been a losing proposition for our company.

I applaud those who have been able to work out a successful business model creating WP sites, but with our target market, and our other earning potentials, it has not been an option that allows us to earn as successfully as other systems.

3 Responses to Joomla Earns for Me, WordPress Doesn’t

  • I still love WordPress. Joomla works different and I already understand WordPress.

    I do believe some people expect to pay less for wordpress. Some people have not idea what all is involved creating either.

    Moving wordpress is tricky because of site’s url stored in the database, learned that when I moved my first site to a new host. Thankfully I’ve since learned better ways to do such.

    Knowing wordpress well, it is much easier for me to edit wordpress templates, that point I’ll disagree on.

    Still loving wordpress, building such for others I don’t see as a large income producing model. I find myself turning wordpress site work down and spending more time in more productive areas.

  • Laura says:

    I really like that I rarely HAVE to edit a Joomla template. It just does things that WP templates don’t do, so I have more control without having to edit them.

    I think a lot of people use WP just because they know how. They call it simple, because it is familiar, when in actuality, they spent months learning how to use it. Then they don’t want to learn anything else because it means another learning curve. That’s just human nature.

    I work with both – I have to. But I find myself choosing Joomla for sites more than WP, because of the flexibility. WP is always my first choice for a blog though.

    I’m still thinking the only workable model to really earn with WP will be a mostly automated one. Fortunately I’ve got the software to auto-install it and to personalize it, so I can let customers purchase it and have all the work done by an installer script (better than Fantastico, our script creates the hosting account, installs a pre-configured install of WP with whatever plugins we have it set up for, puts the sitename and owner name into the site and contact form along with whatever other personal info we want, and pre-installs a selection of custom templates).

    Anyway, I can see that being potentially profitable long term.

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