Don’cha Wish I’d Shut Up About CRELoaded?

Some things have gone on behind the scenes. One small improvement has occurred, along with some other troubling things. We take heart from the improvement, worry at the indicators that things are still very much up in the air where the future of this much needed software is concerned.

Some shakeups in leadership. Unknown what the effects will be.

Some forum members reinstated. This is a good thing, and they’ve come back in and are posting without recriminations. A hearty cheer for greatpcs (Jason over at Hoosier Web Design), and discounttools (Jody – sorry don’t know your major business name). I’m sure some others I do not know well enough to know about.

So, it is with great trepidation that I release a report, of sorts, which is a listing of recommendations. I’m releasing this publicly for two reasons:

1. I don’t have the ear of anyone at CRE anymore. This is a way to put this out there so it can be received in whatever spirit they choose to receive it in, or they can reject it outright.

2. I think there are great lessons to be learned about the Open Source world, and about treating your customers well, developing a project, targeting a market, support and service, and cost containment. In presenting my conclusions about what should be done, publicly, I am not just complaining and listing problems. I am giving the other half of the lesson – not just what should NOT be done, but how it might be done better, to overcome both the long term problems of the company, and the newer ones precipitated by a misguided attempt to overcome the earlier ones!

I don’t know all the inside scoop at CRE. But I know what is happening on the outside, and what those things mean must be happening on the inside. All recommendations are based on the problems I see. I’d assume there are other problems under the surface which I cannot address.

You may download the CRELoaded Recommendations PDF HERE.

I don’t expect them to like it. I don’t expect everyone in the CRE user base to applaud what I have to say either. But experience tells me my recommendations are sound, sustainable, and completely achievable, and that implementing them will turn the project around in the way it needs to be in order to not just survive, but to thrive.

I hereby throw it to the wolves.

Note: The opinions expressed in this post and in the attached report are the perceptions of the writer, and should not be interpreted or quoted as fact without corroborrating evidence.

3 Responses to Don’cha Wish I’d Shut Up About CRELoaded?

  • Nimitz1061 says:


    Having recently been pointed to your series on CRE Loaded, I read them all with great interest. Your CRE Recommendations are right on the money, and many of them are being implemented in the EOS Online Merchant distribution on which Tom O’Neill and I have been working for the past few months.

    You might be interested to know that many of your recommendations are not new to Chain Reaction, and that their rejection factored significantly into my departure from the company in June of 2007.

    My own response has been to start building a new project, and a new community at I hope you will consider participating in this community. The recommendations you have written show the kind of strategic thinking we need from our participants in order to succeed.

    EOS development has focused thus far on significant clean up of the previous CRE Loaded base code, and on applying a few major refactorings.

    EOS source code is already available at

    Discussions related to EOS and CRE Loaded can be found in our forums at and design notes can be found in our wiki.

    I think you will find the difference in approach to project management and community development refreshingly different.

  • inetbizo says:

    From what I heard, almost all of the Atlanta, Ga office were terminated including the former CEO Michael Valverde, several sales staff and developers. Sal Iozzia who almost always hinders true development and basic shared hosting web security enhancements is now back as President.

    If you are not on a VPS server with their company, you face SERIOUS PCI non-compliance issues. rstexas001, rstexas002, rstexas003, rstexas004, rstexas005h, rstexas007h all have vulnerabilities. All have been hacked and failed to be reported to the Federal Trade Commission is required by law and to their custom base.

    While I was the division manager thrown in with no Linux experience. I invested $2,500.00 of my own money to become acclimated with Linux operations. None of which was reimbursed by the former corporation name.

    Several times I requested additional staff who are highly capable systems administrator qualified. When something didn’t go right, you bet Mr. Sal Iozzia would call me up on a Sunday evening using four letter foul language over the phone.

    On the surface, he is a nice guy. Funny and witty and has a big heart. Down below, with money and business, I would not stake a single dollar in his endeavors as majority stock holder.

    The former CEO, Michael Valverde relented in email correspondence that Mr. Iozzia is a hindrance to the divisions progress yet blame was squarely faced on me for not fulfilling the primary goals.

    Just in case there is any contradiction in my performance I can provide a signed copy of my letter of recommendation from CRE.

  • inetbizo says:

    Have you been watching the lastest thread on cre’s forums where a forum member profile was defaced by Sal Iozzia?

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