I love it when people call me a genius…

Of course, we can’t all be geniuses all the time, and I have to keep reminding myself that I’m really just another struggling microbusiness owner who gets it right a lot, but who also messes up enough that sometimes it is hard to remember that I DO get it right a lot!

We’ll our latest stroke of brilliance is subscription based web services. We didn’t want to try that for YEARS, because if you enter into a contract with someone where you give them everything and they pay you back over time, you set yourself up to be suckered, unless you go into the whole financing contract route, which takes more lawyers than we can afford, and which has additional regulations which I really don’t have time to learn. Ok… you can breathe now, I’m done with that incredibly long sentence!

Anyway, we found a way to do it which reduces our risks of getting burned to an acceptable level. Perhaps a singed eyebrow or blister now and again, but no missing limbs or need for skin grafts. I can live with that, it’s no worse than the risk of going outside in the summertime and getting a nasty sunburn up here at high altitude.

One of the other aspects to it is that we had to make it actually an ongoing SERVICE, not just a fix it and forget it sort of thing. We had to continue to provide value so our clients did not get tired of paying us. If we gave them good value at the outset, and kept good value there even after the terms of the contract were filled, then they’d continue to pay us every month, even when they could move their site somewhere else and NOT pay us that amount.

We’re pretty excited about Better Instant Website now. Because we’ve not only got services where you can build your own site very easily with our expertise and design skills behind you, but you can also choose full service now if you want to. I love it when we can roll out something that is really high value, and still affordable for our target clients.

Every business ought to have that feeling now and again, and everybody ought to get told that they are a genius at least once in a while. Even if you know you aren’t, it makes you feel like you ARE, at least for a bit!

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