Go Ahead… Fly the Plane… It’s EASY!


They lead you to a nice slick little Lear Jet, put you behind the cockpit, and say, “Go ahead. It’s easy. It will practically fly itself. Anyone can do it, even if they don’t know how!”

Would you do it?

Or would you say, “You first!”

Well, building a successful website is on the same level of complexity as flying a plane. Sure, there are easier planes, and harder planes, just as there are easier website types and harder ones. But the level of complexity is just the same.

If you want your website to fly straight and land safely, you are going to have to learn some things. Lessons help. Good instructions are priceless. If you don’t have the time, or can’t learn it, hire a pilot.

I’m not saying don’t build your own website. I’m saying be prepared to learn a LOT if you do, and to feel a lot of confusion, discouragement, and expect the pros to beat you up if you ask for opinions on the job you did (they can’t help it, they are naturally insecure and feel threatened by do it yourselfers).

I’m also saying that if you DID build your own website, even if it wasn’t perfect, give yourself a pat on the back! If you got up in a plane with nothing more than a few rudimentary instructions, and managed to get it off the ground, and then safely back down, you’d be cheering with delight, even if you wobbled a lot and bounced on the landing. Give yourself the same kind of credit for your site!

Yeah… it really is that complicated! The only difference is if you crash, you don’t kill yourself!

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