The Death of the Squeeze Page

I’d like all squeeze pages and one page websites to just go away. I am so tired of the hype, the deception, and the number of people I encounter who are taken in by them, or who think that the only way to run a business is to pressure, push, and grab, instead of giving, caring, and presenting something honestly.

I know good people who just don’t get it. They practice the tactics they’ve been told over and over, without thinking about what they mean, or that there might be any way to do better.

All I’d like is for them to read their words from the point of view of their audience – but to do that, they have to turn off all the programming they’ve been given that warps their sense of what their audience really does want. Sometimes we get things stuck in our head that are false, and even when someone explains why they are false, we cannot get past it to really know what they mean.

You don’t have to lie, or deceive to earn. You don’t have to come anywhere near it. And every single person that I see using the dishonest internet marketing tactics that are used on squeeze pages, would agree with me on that, while never even grasping that they are being dishonest themselves – that I mean something other than what they do when I say it.

If you say, “My friends and associates think I should charge more for this, they think I’m crazy for almost giving away this item which is worth $147 (or $97, or $297) for just $47 (or $27, or $97)”, then YOU are being dishonest. I’ve seen those words countless times on websites, and every single time I know that they are saying it because they’ve been taught that saying it is some kind of “secret for success”, when in fact, all it is, is a lie. Your friends and associates didn’t even get told what you were doing ahead of time. You wrote your standard copy without consulting anyone, because it is one in a long line of things you churn out over the course of the year. If they didn’t actually SAY that, then you lied.

The sad thing is, that those tactics drive away some of your best customers. The ones who will come back, refer friends, and help your business grow in ways you never dreamed. Maybe you do get buyers – but you are going after crumbs when you could be enjoying a feast!

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