Less Rhetoric More Reality

You hear the same things over and over in internet marketing. You hear them so many times that you figure there MUST be some truth in it, or so many people would not be saying it! It never occurs to you that so many people would be either dishonest, or deceived. Yet they are!

The vast majority of internet marketing books are filled with half-truths, and outright misinformation. They are perpetuated by greed, and inexperience. Greed on the part of the people who knowingly promote them, inexperience on the part of people who want to be honest, but do not yet realize that what they are promoting isn’t going to work unless they are dishonest.

I’d like to see more truth in the online marketing arena. Less repeated rhetoric that people recite by rote, with no real understanding of what they are saying. We see this in the distributorship arena also, where upline repeats what their upline said, because they really haven’t the experience to know what does and does not work yet.

This kind of scam has always been around, but at no other time in history has it been so powerful. The internet is FULL of information. If you do a net search for the term “internet marketing”, the top positions are held almost 100% by people repeating the same old stuff that does not work. You can go 10, 20, 30 pages deep, and never see anything different. So while there is plenty of information, there is almost no GOOD information.

Every person that puts out false or misleading information does so with a motive. That motive is not to help you, it is to profit from you. They all say pretty much the same thing – that they failed and failed and finally succeeded by the methods they are recommending, that they just want to help people so they are letting it go for the amazingly low price of whatever. But they really don’t want to help you. They want your money.

The internet marketing arena needs more reality. More voices of experience with integrity, who are out there to help people succeed, not out there for what they can get.  It needs more thinking people, and fewer drones who repeat the same lines without thinking about what they mean.

For those who are teaching something different, the challenge is huge. It is almost impossible to get into the visible listings, and it is very hard to succeed by telling the truth, when the lie sounds so much easier, and when so many people are repeating the lie. To make a go of that, you need to find others who are on the same quest (there are not many), and you need to persevere with dogged determination.

If you are looking for good marketing information, do a net search on the terms “bad marketing”. You’ll get more truth than you will from searching for internet marketing directly.

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