And Then I Chose NOT to Blog…

I’ve been considering blogging since the concept first became a hot topic. But I know enough about it that it was not a good match for me at the time.

See, I have always struggled with consistency. I am a strong starter, but poor finisher when I do not have a client who is nudging me gently for something to be finished. I’ve finished building over 35 websites, but those were things I could build rapidly enough that I finished them before the enthusiasm ran out. Blogging is like publishing a periodical (something else I have also done) – It has to be done regularly.

And I am bad at regular. To keep a blog going you have to publish things people want, on a consistent basis. I just knew I could not do that. Not unless I had a purpose that would encompass all of who I was, so that I was not just trying to focus on one topic that I’d dry up on.

The Frumpy Haus Frau, more than any other site I own, is probably the one that gives me the greatest scope to really be me. I don’t have to be just a web designer, or just a marketing expert, or just a parenting writer. I can be all that I am, and write about the things that matter most to me at the moment that I am living.

So for the last two years, I have chosen not to blog. And here now, is the radical departure.

I often resist change. I see no need to change when what I am doing is working well, and when the change would only present a new set of problems with no clear advantage. But I also am capable of growth. And growth occurs by changing in ways that bring benefits. Blogging would not have brought a benefit before – it would have been outweighed by the problems it would have created – but now it can. So I changed.

And I started a blog…

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