Would That Be Mrs. Wheeler?

The neighbor with the netbook called. She got a new computer – a nice Dell. Bigger than MY Dell! Mine has a faster processor though, so I don’t need to feel entirely upstaged.

She needed to have her internet set up. Had never set it up on Windows 7, and it wasn’t working like it should have. She tried talking to tech support, but after a bit, felt like it was hopeless. She uses the same internet service provider we do. She told them that she had a neighbor, she would call her neighbor and get help with it.

The tech on the end of the line said, “Would that be Mrs. Wheeler?”

Our neighbor said, “Yes.”

The tech said, “Good.”

My reputation precedes me! Who would have guessed. We’ve only been with this internet provider for a couple of months, and already they know me by name!

I’m still trying to figure out if that is a GOOD thing!

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