I Wonder if My Son is Trying To Tell Me Something?

“Get your apple” I tell my 12 year old son, as he is heading out the door to a 4-H shooting activity.

“I’m getting it!” he says, “But I don’t want to bleed all over it!”

I look. He has a knife in one hand, and a bandaid in the other. He is opening the bandaid, but does not want to put down the knife. He is supposed to be taking an apple and some wholegrain chips with him to eat in the car – apparently he wants the apple cored and put in a zip baggie first.

Just what is he trying to say?

“I still have a little trouble with knives…”

“I cut myself, but I’m a Boy Scout, and know just what to do…”

“Sheesh, Mom, give a guy a little space!”

“I know I’m late, and I have my reasons!”

“I’m a guy… It’s a knife… You’re a woman and you’d never understand!”

He’s 12, so you never quite know. That age between no longer being a child, and not quite being a teen, and only just beginning to suspect there is such a thing as adulthood in his future.

He’s out shooting a 22 now. Bonding with a gun… and maybe with his Dad. With guys, you are never quite sure which is the stronger bond.

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