What it Means to Love What You Do

Imagine getting up in the morning with your job on your mind, and a sense of excitement permeating the air. You know you have to shower and get breakfast, but those are mere details to get out of the way, not delay tactics to avoid work.

Imagine feeling like that every day.

When you choose the right career or business, it can be like that more days than it is not. For work at home moms, every day can be a delightful balance between kids you love, and work you love.

Ok, so it isn’t all sunshine and roses. But then, nothing is. But loving what you do makes work very worthwhile. It keeps you going over the rough spots – helps you keep on keeping on when it seems like it isn’t ever going to get you anywhere. Every business has those spots, so getting through them is a milestone to success.

It is more important to choose something you love and are good at than it is to choose something lucrative. Mere money is not enough to get you up every day to face a mire of tasks you hate. But enjoyment is enough to compel you to come back and figure out how to make what you love into a profitable venture.

Every task in your business won’t be fun. But there should be enough fun things to balance the drudge work. Every business takes HARD work, and more dedication than any of us realize when we are starting out. But work that provides enjoyable moments scattered through the day seems less like work than an endless repetition of things we do not enjoy.

When was the last time you thought that going to bed at night was an annoyance? When was the last time you felt like you’d rather finish a creative employment task than watch a movie? When was the last time you were excited about learning something new that helped you earn more?

If you haven’t felt those things, then you haven’t experienced the excitement that comes from doing work you truly love. My brother is not self-employed, but he said of his work, “Sometimes I have so much fun a this that I can’t believe they actually pay me to do it!” My father was the same. They are both loggers. Not something most people consider to be fun, but they loved their work.

As a teen and young adult, I’d have never figured that I’d love the work I do now, but I really do! Sure, there are many days when I am discouraged, and many tasks that I’d love to procrastinate. But overall, I love this, because I’m good at it, and I can genuinely help other people achieve meaningful goals. It gets me up every morning excited to see what is in my inbox.

If you aren’t feeling that a good deal of the time, then what are you going to change in order to get it?

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