Turning Disadvantage to Advantage

Small businesses that have succeeded in the face of competition from large businesses have done so largely because they have found a way to turn their disadvantages into advantages, and a way to make those drawbacks into something appealing.

  • No secretary? “When you call, you get to talk to someone in charge.”
  • Only a few customers? “To us, you are a name, not a number.”
  • Recycling packing materials to save money? Slap a label on, “This box proudly recycled by…”
  • Can’t provide national service? “Looking for a local company that knows your needs?”

Find the advantage in the aspect that can be negatively viewed, and turn it around. Make it into something that a larger company CAN’T do.

People who succeed find a way to do this. Think outside the box, and use the flexibility that a very small business has, to do things differently. For bitty businesses, it is the key to winning against the competition.

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