The Wearying Process of Supply and Demand

We bought a truck this week. It was the most difficult and exhausting vehicle purchase we have ever made! And it all had to do with supply and demand, and the economic effects of a recession on a particular product line.

We wanted a truck. But not just any truck. A 3/4 ton or better. Now, half ton trucks are a dime a dozen. But the price just JUMPS as soon as you go any larger. There is not much price difference between used 3/4 ton and one ton trucks – a matter of perception of fuel efficiency, mostly. But supply drops, and demand rises right at that 3/4 ton breakpoint.

The problem in Wyoming is that it is a truck state. Everyone and their dog has a big truck. In the current economy, big trucks are not being traded in, or sold used by owners. They are keeping them longer. More people are buying used instead of new. So we now have a shortage of used trucks, and a higher demand for them. This has pushed prices up about 50%.

So what you now find, is higher miles, and higher prices. Not a good combination. That means they are harder to afford, harder to finance, as well as being harder to find.

We searched aggressively for days before finding one. We had a time limit, could not take our time. Every other time we’ve bought a car, the entire process took less than a day, to find the car, and finalize the deal. We’ve even bought two cars on the same day, and it didn’t take the whole day. We found good deals and met our needs quickly. So this time was really exhausting.

We’ve had one other time when outside influences affected a market this strongly, and that was from the seller’s perspective, not the buyer’s perspective. We sold bulk foods, and computers. When 9-11 happened, the computer market crashed, and the bulk food business boomed – so much so that we could not meet the demand, and had to issue refunds because the items simply were not available.

We often don’t connect things like this until we need something that has been strongly affected. When they do happen, we just have to deal with it. Tiring or not, we had to spend the time. High, or not, we had to spend the money, and take what was available.

People who say they don’t have to let the recession affect them are dreaming. Because it will reach out and touch you whether you want it to or not. We can’t choose what comes into our lives, but we can choose how we deal with it when it does.

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