The Monday Mire

Ok, so its Tuesday. Monday is generally a mire of weekend catch up. Most clients discover problems, or think to contact us about the next step, or want the report for the week before, on Monday. And that is when any procrastination from the week before catches up with us too!

I rarely get everything done that I plan on Mondays. Blogging gets shoved aside if I have not blogged ahead. That is why I am writing about the Monday Mire, on Tuesday!

I recently discovered a great task manager, which is perfect for MicroBusinesses, and this Monday was a little better organized due to that task manager. But it was still a bit hectic – I added a lot of new tasks!

I can deal with Mondays being hectic, as long as I have my Sundays. The worst weeks are those in which emergencies occur on Sundays. I then hit Mondays half-charged. No fun! God was pretty smart when He commanded us to take a day of rest – though I find it ironic that He had to COMMAND us to do something so helpful!

Monday is past for this week, and tomorrow, I’m sure, will be Friday, and I’ll wonder where Wednesday and Thursday went!

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