Sunday Musing – Family Friendly Standards

I’ve made it a point to keep my sites family friendly. There are people who dislike this, especially when they discover what my definition actually is.

A new member of our networking site complimented me on this recently though, and it is for people like this that I do it. Because I want to provide a safe haven for people who want to get away from it, and feel comfortable associating with people without felling like they’ll stumble over something offensive whenever they click a link.

Most of my sites that other people can contribute to are set up to promote businesses. I do not feel right about setting up a site to promote things which I believe harm our society. So family friendliness becomes the standard by which I measure what I will or will not promote.

I use the same standard in the services I provide. I cannot help a site owner promote things that I feel harm other people. From an artistic standpoint, I’d not do a good job at promoting that which I do not identify with anyway!

As time goes on, I’m put in a position of having to really define what it means to me, and where, exactly, I’ll draw the line. Because it seems that every nuance of it is tested, eventually. That is how business is. Ethics and standards are tested in ways we never think they will be. And often it is not black and white, but many shades of gray, and we have to consider all sides – and determine just how dark we let gray get before it is classed as black.

One of the harder issues in ethics – because the responses must be entirely personal. And so then, is the test.

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