Success and Spirituality

I generally avoid working on Sunday. Reason? Besides needing at least ONE day when work is not an issue, I have found that weeks that follow Sundays that I worked on are less profitable than weeks that follow Sundays when I do not work. Really. Provable, and trackable.

I believe in blessings from the Lord. I believe that when I take Him at His word, and test Him, that I’ll find reasons to do things right. Keeping the Sabbath is one of those things I tested. But even knowing that it helps me be successful (and that it helps my family, and that it helps ME), I still struggle with it.

Not all the time. Just certain days. Like Sundays when I miss church – the day seems awfully long without having a purpose. Or when something exciting is developing and I just cannot hardly contain myself and be patient. Or when the next day is Christmas and you know that everything that needs doing is going to have to wait TWO days, not just one.

I also believe in being generous with donations. Because when I do, I earn more. Again, we have tested this, and proven it. We increased some of our donations last year, and our income has gone up consistently ever since, and our level of indebtedness has gone down consistently. We still struggle a lot, but in spite of all appearances that it should NOT be getting better, it unaccountably IS.

So don’t expect regular Sunday posts. This one is here to cover a spiritual topic which I feel is appropriate for the day.

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