Lose the Safety Net

It is impossible to serve two masters. Many people think that it is easier to gradually become self-employed. They want to keep the health insurance, have a dependable source of income, or they just want to keep their foot in the door in the workplace.

Problem is, when you do that, it is hard to actually commit to your business. The business always comes last, and last never becomes a winner.

We noticed after Kevin came home for good, that the few days that he had to go out and work elsewhere, our business did more poorly. It was harder for him, and for me. When you aren’t depending on it, and when it is not the sole focus of your efforts, it is much more difficult to make it work.

If you want to really succeed in business, get rid of the safety net. Fly solo, and you’ll be well motivated to succeed.

Scary? Oh, yeah! I’ve been there, remember. I know what it is like to need groceries and have bills to pay and know that there is no money due to come in, and to have no idea when there will be any expectations. It is nerve wracking. But it gets you busy, and keeps you doing everything you can to make it work!

People just think and act differently when they know their actions matter that much. And they perform better in work when they have only a single area of focus, instead of having to split their efforts between two different jobs.

It isn’t something everyone can do. But if you possibly can, prepare well, and then jump off. It is worth it.

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