Keeping Your Focus in Expansion

In the process of expanding a business, we sometimes decide to go in more directions, when what we really needed to do is more in the same direction.

Business growth can get sidetracked if you try to do too much in too many things. Sometimes we also feel that we need to reach all markets – that if someone says they got good results here, that we have to do it too.

Business can get fragmented in two ways:

  1. When we take on additional lines before we are solid in the ones we are already running.
  2. When we try to market in too many directions or venues.

You can’t do everything. It pays to focus on what is going to make the most difference, and let the rest go.

You may find that a Ryze Network helps to bring traffic. So you may think that a Yahoo Group, a FastPitch Group, and a Google Group will help you too. Pretty soon you are pushed to keep up with them all, you cannot promote all so some flounder, and you are stretched. It is often better to focus on one successful method over five halfway methods.

Some people do this with blogging, websites, and article writing as well. Those things are all time intensive. Managing one blog, one website, and promoting one thing through article marketing is one thing – doubling, tripling, or quadrupling that effort is quite a different picture. You can lose your ability to keep up really fast.

Consider the time investment before you commit to a new thing. If you feel the desire to do more, find out what you can do within what you are already successfully doing – build on success, instead of dividing and floundering.

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