I Just Don’t Get It…

I know people who work for years at what they are good at, and love what they do, but when they decide to try to work from home, they start looking for spammy “business systems”. You know, the kind that don’t work, can’t work, and leave you frustrated.

Why the disconnect in logic? If they were going to go get another job, they’d look at their resume, see what they are qualified to do, and go look for that kind of job.

Yet when they go looking for a work at home option, they look for things that are totally unrelated to what they are GOOD at… even if the system COULD work, the person would be ill suited to it because it was not chosen based on their strengths and experience.

Working at home should not be a matter of trying to find the system that promises the easiest road to wealth – you know those are all scams anyway!

It is more about this:

What is your dream job?

I’m not talking about the one where you sit around and everyone pays you just to look good. I’m talking REALISTICALLY, what do you want to work at that makes the world a better place, that you enjoy enough that the good times make the bad times worth it, and what are you going to WANT to get up in the morning to do every day?

That job!

Turn that into a business. Build it around your skills, your strengths, and the things you actually LIKE doing. Sure, you’ll have to do some stuff you don’t like. And you’ll have to work harder than you’ve ever worked before. But it will be yours, and it will be something you believe in.

Just don’t disconnect your brain and think that the way you make money online is to buy into someone else’s system. It isn’t. That is the only sure way to fail. Success comes from taking the unique things inside that you have to offer the world, and turning them into the business of your dreams.


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