Big Deal, So I Have Another Website

Back when I created my first website, it was a big deal. I think the second and third ones were a big deal too. But by the time I reached 30, my friends and family were saying, “So what?” if I said I created another website.

I think about three years ago I had 50 websites, and decided that was too many to keep up with, so we sold off a bunch. I think we sold about 30 of them. Somehow, selling them off did not really decrease the number! I think I passed 100 sometime about a year later – of course, some of them were test sites, and Master Sites (sites that we create to use as a clone base for auto-installed sites). But only about 10 or 15 of them.

I started to give sites away. Managed to give away a few, sold a few more. But our server is still pretty loaded.

Then today, I built a new website…. Again. It was needed, we needed a single URL that we could use for promotion of our Seminars and Workshops. So was born. I’m still sort of torn between blue and tan block headers, but overall liking how it turned out.

So, my friends and family have my permission to say, “Big deal… you’ve got another website.”

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