An Update on Previous Posts

The experiments are going well, the garden is dead, the classes are thriving, and business is still growing. There… all done. You can go home now.

More detail? Well… If you insist…

Megafamilies and Natural Diabetics are both earning better than before. The forums are hard to get going. People like to post to a busy forum, they shy away from taking the lead. So you have a tidy little catch-22. Nobody posts because nobody posts. So every week or so I email the site members (they DO sign up… they don’t necessarily DO anything once they have, but they do sign up!). I welcome the new ones, give them an idea of the overall membership numbers, and invite them to go out on a limb and get the forums rolling. And I reply any time someone posts. So far the courageous are few.

But the Google income is up. So far up that one of the sites is now making what ALL of my sites used to make. Traffic has not slowed down at all. They’ve been in the new format for a month now, and the traffic is still high – in fact, Megafamilies seems to be particularly high, with a 50% increase over last month, primarily Google traffic. Natural Diabetics has maintained its growth trend.

Our web development class is going well. Five students payed for the whole course at once. One could not afford to do that, so he pays for each class as he goes. He is my bellweather. As long as he is coming back, I know I must not be doing too badly. We teach SEO this week. Last week was a whirlwind tour of images and the web. Kevin continues to film me, and I continue to sound good, but look stupid. Pretty normal.

The University Outreach Coordinator has asked me to do more this spring. Two full courses, plus four smaller classes. That is a lot. They’ll be done in a series of three saturdays for each full course though, instead of spread out through 12 weeks. I don’t know if that will make it easier, or harder. We’ll teach Joomla, and CRELoaded. The curriculum is outlined, but unwritten, so I’ll have a busy few months getting that done. Fortunately the four smaller classes (2 hours each), will be expansions on four of the modules from the full course that I am teaching now. That means the curriculum for them is already 90% finished, I just have to polish them into stand-alone classes.

Contracts keep coming. I have a few appointments each week to meet with prospects, which is about how it needs to be to keep us in shoes and milk and potatoes. Been so busy lately though that I’ve just wanted to sit down and cry a few times. I’d rather be busy than not, but sometimes it does get overwhelming.

My computer developed some dead pixels. Quite a lot, actually. Enough to be a problem. So I’m now working from a brand new HP laptop (it was cheap), which is in need of a RAM upgrade since it is running Vista (I’d have stuck with XP if they’d have given me a choice). After discovering how to get into the hidden Admin account in Vista, and running from that, I’m less frustrated with the OS in general. Still don’t like it, but now I can at least function at a minimal level.

I’ve had trouble transferring things over though, so I’m functioning with the technological equivalent of having one arm tied behind my back. It is certain to be a few more days before I have this thing firing on all cylinders where my personal info archives are concerned.

And this laptop had 40 GB of stuff on it out of the box. I uninstalled about 10 GB, but STILL… THIRTY GIGS, and they called it a “barebones system” as far as software was concerned! They were right…. it has almost nothing on it but Vista and a few games, and HPs stuff. Greedy beggers, aren’t they? The system has two hard drives – I suppose they thought they should make sure both got used?

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